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How to measure the quality of THK linear guide

There are more and more linear guide manufacturing industries in the market now. The things made by each manufacturer seem to be the same, but if you pay attention to it, you can tell the good or the bad. Now I will introduce a few points to you, which is very simple. It can be distinguished. When you plan to buy a linear guide last year, everyone’s first reaction is to push the slider and try to see if it can slide normally. Of course, everyone knows that as long as the sliding is smooth and there is no interval, this is good.

With the continuous development of society, urban industrialization is also developing rapidly. Of course, the machinery industry is indispensable in industrialized cities. In the machinery industry, most of the high-precision work is completed by relatively high-precision guide rails. So with these changes, the appearance of guide rails has given us a great help. The more guide rails appear on the market, the less we can distinguish its quality. Then we will analyze how to measure the quality of THK linear guide.

THK linear guide type machining process is a very important part. Therefore, it is necessary to pass the quality inspection, otherwise it will affect the component processing effect.
Below, we can analyze the internal structure of the linear guide to see how to measure the quality of the linear guide.

Generally speaking, linear guide rails are composed of guide rails, sheaths, collectors, hangers, connectors and other parts, and the expansion section can be configured according to different component requirements. First of all, we have to look at the service life of the guide rail carbon brushes. Generally, this component is a consumable, and the driving distance will affect the maintenance cycle of the equipment.

Secondly, we can look at the quality of the trolley wire shell. At this time, we need to pay attention to the temperature and environment. If the length exceeds 100 meters, we need to consider the expansion of the linear guide. The sheath is composed of engineering plastics with toughness, wear resistance, anti-aging and flame retardant properties, and has a good insulation protection effect on the guide rail to ensure personal safety.

The retainer directly limits the linear guide rail to the position of Zhijiachu, so that it can guide the other fixed sides to extend, thereby providing insulation protection for both ends of the guide rail.

As for how to measure the quality of THK linear guides, these will also be measured by practical experience in life. As long as everyone is careful about these problems, it will not become a problem. we also have HGL15CA hiwin bearing,HGL25CA hiwin bearing,HGL25HA hiwin bearing,HGL30CA hiwin bearing,HGL30HA hiwin bearing, and so on.




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