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Five points for attention in THK linear guide installation

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In order to better use the guide rail, the first time when the guide rail is bought back, we must be thinking about how to install the guide rail, so that in the future operation will also play a better role.

Five matters needing attention in installation of THK linear guide:

1. First of all, do not remove the slider by yourself to avoid foreign bodies entering the slider, thus affecting the accuracy and shortening the service life of the guide rail. In addition, the guide rail should be placed on the appropriate plane, otherwise it will cause the deformation of the guide rail.

2, secondly, if the vertical installation of the linear track, please pay special attention to the slide, such as sliding accidentally, to immediately find THK authorized company for assistance.

3, and then to say that the product must be used in a clean environment, and the outer part of the product with a protective cover, to prevent dust and metal dust into the entry, thus affecting the accuracy of the product and service life.

4, if the product is used in harsh environment, such as corrosive environment.

5, the last point to pay attention to is do not use in the environment above 80 degrees Celsius (except heat resistant specifications), so as not to damage the sealing parts of the ring products, thereby shortening the service life.

THK linear guide should also be carefully installed. Only when the guide is well installed in the early stage can it work better for us.

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